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Car owners get warnings about real-time road conditions through new ice alert app

Press release   •   Mar 13, 2018 09:00 GMT

Car owners get warnings about real-time road conditions thanks to a connected device and the app "Halkvarnaren" and accidents can be prevented.

Thanks to a connected device and the app "Halkvarnaren" (slippery road alert), where car owners get real-time alerts about icy, slippery roads and poor road quality, accidents can be prevented.

Accidents caused by icy roads often lead to severe injuries or in worst cases death. In order to reduce the number of accidents and save lives, Infocar, a company with extensive experience in developing advanced automotive technology, has together with Bilprovningen, a Swedish major car inspection company, developed a solution that gives car owners warnings about real-time road conditions. AddSecure provides the secured, critical communications.

As a first step, Bilprovningen made an offer to Volvo V70 owners to get their cars connected and take advantage of the new traffic service. The response was very positive and 1,000 customers quickly signed up to participate in the project.

With the Infocar Connect device, data is collected from the thousands of Volvo cars that are travelling the roads. In addition to the car owners participating in the project, a number of additional car owners have the opportunity to access the vital information through an app.

Information about road quality, battery status and error codes

Through the connected device Volvo owners will, in addition to ice alerts, in the future also have access to information about road quality (such as pot holes), battery status and possible error codes via remote diagnostics. As a next step, the solution partners plan to add eco-driving and other cloud-based services.

"Bilprovning has a long tradition of working not only with safe vehicles, but also with the safety of drivers. Therefore, it is both relevant and exciting to be part of this important and accident preventative service. Currently it is offered to a limited customer group, but our ambition is that additional car owners will be able to access it in the future", says Hans Tyskhagen, Project Manager at Bilprovningen.

Sensor information via the cloud

The cars equipped with the Infocar Connect device (also referred to as an OBD dongle) record slippery roads and send warnings via the cloud to all car owners who have downloaded the app. The alert comes as a sound or a vibration to the mobile phone of the drivers who are in the vicinity of a slippery area.

The device, which is mounted in the OBD socket that is also used for fault diagnosis, reads signals from existing sensors in the car, thus collecting information about, among other things, tire rotation, acceleration, outdoor temperature and rainfall. By comparing the tire rotation with the engine power and the car's movement, the software in the unit provides an estimate of friction between the tires and the road.

Secure communications from AddSecure

An important part of the solution is the communication (connectivity) that is secured via a VPN tunnel. This means that no unauthorized person can access data or be able to "hack" the car.
The secure SIM cards also ensure that the solution automatically selects the operator with the best coverage where the car is located and that data can be connected to the cloud without delay.

The provider of this is AddSecure, a company that has been working with secure critical communications since the 1970s. The company provides over 40,000 customers around Europe with secure communication solutions within monitored alarms and critical IoT communications.

"As this service is about saving lives, it was crucial for us to choose a supplier with extensive experience of safe critical communications and this was undoubtedly AddSecure. Other suppliers we evaluated could not guarantee the security in the same way. In addition to a reliable solution, ease of operation was an important parameter," said Per-Henrik Persson, CEO of Infocar.

Additional smart services

Unlike existing OBD devices that read about 30 parameter values, the technologically advanced solution from Infocar can read over 2,000 values. This creates opportunities for developing a whole spectrum of cloud-based services around driving.

Car manufacturers, insurance companies, garages, the Swedish Transport Agency and weather companies are some of the companies that have shown interest and could benefit from combining the advanced technology with their existing business. This may include preventive maintenance, remote diagnostics, combined maps and weather information, user-based insurance, and more.

"The connected technology offers a host of exciting opportunities, but most importantly, the services are saving lives. For many years, I have been working on developing cars by making them faster, better, stronger, but what I'm most proud of is to help prevent accidents", concludes Per-Henrik Persson, CEO of Infocar.

For more information, please contact:

Per-Henrik Persson, VD, Infocar
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Kristina Grandin, Corporate Marketing Manager, AddSecure
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Cecilia Blom Hesselgren, kommunikationschef, Bilprovningen
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