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​Schools in the City of Gothenburg Increase Security with AddSecure School Safety Solution

Press release   •   Dec 03, 2018 08:13 GMT

​Schools in the City of Gothenburg Increase Security with AddSecure School Safety Solution

The City of Gothenburg is constantly working to improve safety and security in several of its schools by using a School Safety solution from AddSecure.

The City of Gothenburg takes safety and security seriously, and has therefore chosen to upgrade its security and communications systems at several of their schools with a solution from AddSecure. Gothenburg City is not alone in putting safety into focus. 70% of Sweden's municipalities report that they have increased safety in schools in recent years. An increased security effort usually entails more traditional measures like cameras, access control, or alarms. Still very few schools have as a comprehensive school safety solution as the schools in Gothenburg.

Useful solution

Service Manager for the high schools on Skånegatan, Anders Ekman, coordinates the safety work for the schools Bernadottegymnasiet, Burgårdens Gymnasium, Katrinelundsgymnasiet and the Motor Industry Technical High School. He required a solution where the communication can be easily updated, whether it concerns fire alarms or communication between staff in connection with an incident.

"We’re always working on safety and security in our schools, and we saw a need for spreading information quickly if a situation arose. AddSecure School Security Solution addresses all types of scenarios, from staff who need support, to keeping count of students in case of a fire, or something as simple as notifications if a cooler stops working in the cantine. It’s all these different small parts that make the system so useful,” says Anders Ekman.

In Gothenburg City, AddSecure's School Safety solution is also used for two primary schools in Angered; Bergum and Emmaskolan.

Every second counts

When something happens, the first ten minutes are crucial, that's when the risk of injury is greatest,- before external help has arrived. AddSecure School Safety is a comprehensive solution that allow staff to communicate quickly across multiple channels. When an incident occurs at a school, AddSecure immediately ensures that the right people get the right information, that proper local measures are initiated and that appropriate security levels are automatically activated in passage systems, etc. This prevents or limits fatal consequences until police, guards or firefighters arrive.

For the high schools on Skånegatan, a whole new paging network has been established that extends over all four schools, to warn the other schools if anything should happen and prevent visits until the situation is resolved. The system can also communicate with emergency networks and different alarm receiving centers.

Why AddSecure was selected

The high school area looked at several different potential providers, but quickly saw the benefits of AddSecure's comprehensive secure critical communications solution.

Anders Ekman, Service Manager for the high schools on Skånegatan, Gothenburg City.

- AddSecure's solution is both easy to use and has a future-oriented perspective. AddSecure is technologically advanced, and allows us to combine many different systems digitally. It is not only an excellent solution to our original problems, AddSecure has also pointed out several other possibilities we did not think of," says Anders Ekman.

Proven solution

School Safety from AddSecure is a secure, flexible and reliable communication solution that is well proven. The solution is based on a system that has been in operations for many years and is used by 70% of Sweden's Rescue Services, the Swedish Sea Rescue and several shopping centers and arenas.

The dedicated pager network ensures that all critical communications is emerging - an overloaded
mobile network or mobile phone set to silent mode, is not an option in an emergency. Within a few seconds, all relevant recipients get instructions and information in accordance with predefined scenarios, such as lock-down, evacuation or other minor incidents.

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